Saturday, 8 September 2012

My day out in Worcester!

Hi lovely ladies!
I'm officially back from holidays. I had such a lovely time, it was so relaxing and was just what I needed! I'll do more of a post on it when I get some pictures back from my cousin (we took it in turns to be on picture duty lol). I feel like I haven't stopped since I got back with birthdays, catching up with friends and family, plus a trade show in Birmingham to buy stock for the shop! I feel like I need another holiday already ;)
On the Way back from the show my friend Becky and I stopped off in Worcester for abit of unexpected exploring. It was such a lovely day and it is very rare that we get a day off together, we decided to make the most of it! 
The above photo's are of Worcester Cathedral which was just so pretty! It was like stepping back in time and into a completely different world. I fell in love with all the of stained glass windows it had, the one pictured above being my favourite.
We found some pretty side streets that had really old Tudor houses/pubs which I thought was a nice change from our modern plain bricked houses we're so used to seeing. The pub pictured above had this plaque on the front. I'm such a tourist nerd that I found it really interesting! lol

No trip would be complete without some shopping!! These are a few cute independent shops we managed to find and I took a few sneaky pictures of. I loved the black and white cat that was painted on the wall outside one of them! I thought it was such fun and different idea.
I really enjoyed my day in Worcester and it got me thinking how we live so close to places like this, but rarely take the time to go and explore them! I've now made it my mission to explore every city in the UK! Well as many as I can anyway :)
I hope you do some exploring this weekend! Can anyone recommend a nearby city I should go and visit next?
I'm going to leave you with pretty swan picture, I'm loving the sparkly water!
Lots of Love,
Laura xoxo


  1. haha i'd love to take a vacation after a vacation ;) and what a charming town, imagine actually living there. those people are so lucky

    1. It was so lovely :) they sure are very lucky people! Thanks for stopping by X

  2. Love your posts! I followed you to keep up to date, and also because I love the UK. I have never been there, but I'm itching to! Seeing this post makes me want to go there even more! Keep-a-postin'!

    Much love from Manila!
    Miel xx

    1. Aww thank you :) I sure will keep-a-posting lol You should come visit the UK, there's are so many pretty towns like this! Now following you! X

  3. Hey,
    Newest follower, why tell you on an old post?! Well because I am from Worcester!! I live 15 miles out of the city, way out in the sticks, but Worcester is the nearest place to me with more than just fields, sheep, and cows... lol. I went away to Leeds for uni, and I loved Leeds its definitely one of my all time favourite places! But being back in Worcester now, I remember how much I love it here :) . Its lovely to read that other people visiting it here find it as nice as I do :) Worcester Cathedral is beyond stunning! My favourite walk is along the river then under the arch and through the cathedral gardens

    1. Hi there!
      Thank you for following! You're so lucky to live in such a lovely city :) Isn't it funny how we sometimes don't really appreciate where we live, until we leave and come back again lol I'd like to visit Leeds to, but not sure if I'd want to live in such a busy city. I liked the fact Worcester is surrounded by countryside :) Thanks again for the lovely comment. Following you back! X