Friday, 19 October 2012

Schwarzkopf Volume Mousse + Facebook Giveaway!

Hello lovely ladies,
Firstly let me apologise for the absence, as always, life sometimes gets in the way! I have so much blogging to catch up on. What have I missed?! lol
This is only going to be a quick post for today, just to let you all know I'm still alive and to tell you about one of my fave products at the moment ! I've been using Schwarzkopf Volume Mousse the past couple of weeks. I was a sceptical at first, as I haven't used a hair mousse in so long. I'm still haunted by childhood memories of  trying to scrunch my hair using mousse and it leaving my hair all sticky and crunchy! We've all done it ;) This product however, did not disappoint. It's lightweight, has a yummy smell and is completely undetectable once dry.
It's applied to the roots of your hair while wet. Once dry it gives your hair a collagen boost and leaves it feeling naturally thicker and with a bit of body to it. Having really lifeless, flat hair, I can definitely say I can notice a difference after I've used this product. I do still backcomb my hair slightly, but I think that's just out of habit more than anything. The only bad thing I would say is that it only gives my hair more volume the same say I wash it. The next day it has just gone really flat again. For only £4 it's a great buy though!
Just to let you know also, I have a giveaway over on my shops Facebook page to win this cute swallow bracelet below. How to enter and competition details can be found here: 

What's your favourite hair product at the moment? Good luck if you enter the competition :)

Have a fab weekend,

Love Laura xoxo

Friday, 14 September 2012

Everyday Make-up Look

Hey hunnies,

I've seen a few of these posts lately and I really enjoy them. I love seeing what make-up people use everyday, what's in their bag or even what their room is like! I guess it's my curious nature. Which is just a nice way of saying I'm nosey, let's be honest lol I thought I'd share with you my go to make-up that I use everyday. If I'm going to change it up a bit, I usually use a different lip colour or a different colour eyeshadow. I love a red lipstick for example or a sultry smokey eye! Other than that, you'll find me reaching for the following products more often than not.
From left to right: MAC Eyeliner Pencil, Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner, Bourjois Coup de Theatre Mascara, MAC Studio Sculpt (NC15), Max Factor Pan Stick (Fair),  Natural Collection blush (Pink Cloud), Bourjois eyeshadow  (05 Ombre a Paupiere), No 7 brown eyeshadow, Rimmel Stay Matte powder (Pink Blossom) and my Collection 2000 Cream Puff  (Cotton Candy).

That's it really! I use the Pan Stick as a concealer, it's really creamy and gives good coverage. I just use it under my eyes and on my T-Zone and I really like it. The Bourjois eyeshadow is a very light pink with just a hint of sparkle, it also works as a good highlighter! The mini No 7 palette has a light brown eyeshadow which I use on my eyebrows.
Have you tried any of these products? What are your go to items?
Have a fab weekend peeps!
Laura xoxo


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

My Favourite Etsy Shops

Hi lovelies,
I've been a massive fan of Etsy for many years now! You're always guaranteed to find something unique and different. The fact that everything is handmade, has always been a huge bonus for me. I thought I would share with you three of my favourite Etsy shops today. Hopefully you will like them and they'll become one of your favourites too!
Kelly is the owner of Sweet and Simple, and her jewellery is simply that. So sweet and simple. She uses really cute charms and pretty shades of colour to create really elegant and romantic pieces. The pieces above are just some of her lovely creations and definitely some of my favourites! She also does custom work, so is more than capable of putting together something that is perfect and unique to you.
Larissa is the lovely owner of Curious Creatures shop. She says 'It's quaint, it's simple, it's everyday.' Her work is inspired by geometric shapes and symmetry with a twist, which I'm loving at the moment and are very much in style! I love that she also uses semi-precious stones such as Turquoise and Amethyst. Her jewellery as a lovely raw and natural feel to it. The above pieces are just some of my faves! 
The creator of Manocelebrates uses a particular mood and colour to inspire them when creating their jewellery. You can definitely see that in some of theses newer pieces as there alot of Autumn/Winter tones and charms involved. These are just some of my favourites!
You can check out these lovely shops by just clicking on their name above the pictures :) I hope you like them as much as I do!
Have you got a favourite etsy shop? I would love to know and have a browse!
Laura xoxo


Monday, 10 September 2012

New to Bloglovin'

Hi dolls,

I've just joined Bloglovin', so would love it if you could follow me on there :) Just follow the button on the right hand side! I'm heard alot about it so am interested to check it out!

I'd love to follow you on Bloglovin too, so leave a link in a comment and I will check them out!

Hope your all having a lovely day, it's raining here so I'm planning to have a duvet day! lol

Love Laura

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Sunday, 9 September 2012

What I wore today: Berry Lacey!

Hi my loves,
This is a quick outfit post of what I'm wearing today! This dress, along with the ring are holiday purchases. I got them from a shop out in Spain called Lefties, which was abit like a Spanish version of H and M. I could have bought the whole shop! They had so many nice pieces and everything was really affordable. This dress was about 18 euros, which I think is about £15. I love lace and thought the colour is perfect for Autumn/Winter. Luckily for my bank account alot of the things I liked there, they didn't have my size in. I took it as a sign lol
The ring is really pretty in person. The pink stone in the middle turns different shades in certain light. I'm also wearing a charm bracelet I made, which has charms that represent things I love. The shoes are an old pair of ankle boots I got from Primark years ago and they're just so comfy!
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, I'm very much looking forward to my day off tomorrow :)
Laura xoxo
P.S. I was wondering if anyone knows if you can use a tripod for a standard digital camera? I don't want to buy one and then find you have to have a certain type of camera to use one. I'd really appreciate any help!


Saturday, 8 September 2012

My day out in Worcester!

Hi lovely ladies!
I'm officially back from holidays. I had such a lovely time, it was so relaxing and was just what I needed! I'll do more of a post on it when I get some pictures back from my cousin (we took it in turns to be on picture duty lol). I feel like I haven't stopped since I got back with birthdays, catching up with friends and family, plus a trade show in Birmingham to buy stock for the shop! I feel like I need another holiday already ;)
On the Way back from the show my friend Becky and I stopped off in Worcester for abit of unexpected exploring. It was such a lovely day and it is very rare that we get a day off together, we decided to make the most of it! 
The above photo's are of Worcester Cathedral which was just so pretty! It was like stepping back in time and into a completely different world. I fell in love with all the of stained glass windows it had, the one pictured above being my favourite.
We found some pretty side streets that had really old Tudor houses/pubs which I thought was a nice change from our modern plain bricked houses we're so used to seeing. The pub pictured above had this plaque on the front. I'm such a tourist nerd that I found it really interesting! lol

No trip would be complete without some shopping!! These are a few cute independent shops we managed to find and I took a few sneaky pictures of. I loved the black and white cat that was painted on the wall outside one of them! I thought it was such fun and different idea.
I really enjoyed my day in Worcester and it got me thinking how we live so close to places like this, but rarely take the time to go and explore them! I've now made it my mission to explore every city in the UK! Well as many as I can anyway :)
I hope you do some exploring this weekend! Can anyone recommend a nearby city I should go and visit next?
I'm going to leave you with pretty swan picture, I'm loving the sparkly water!
Lots of Love,
Laura xoxo

Friday, 17 August 2012

Hasta La Vista Baby!

Hi lovelies!
Firstly let me apologise for not blogging this week! As you know I'm going away tomorrow (yay!) so I've been doing last minute organising. To be honest not alot has really happened this week that I felt was really blog worthy, plus most of my clothes have been packed away in my suitcase the past few days! While I'm away sunning it up in the Costa Del Sol I promise to take lots of outfit pics and I'm sure there'll be tales of plenty to blog about when I get back!


This is where I'm going to be staying for the next week! It's my aunty and uncles villa. It's a lovely little place about 30 minutes from Valencia, in a rural area, away from all the big cities and tourist hot spots. I really like places like this, it's a great chance to really soak up the Spanish culture.

Where's your favourite holiday destination?

I hope you all have a lovely week! If you're not going anywhere over the next week, I hope this British weather sorts itself out for you!

Lots of love,

Laura xoxo

Saturday, 11 August 2012

OPI Sparkle-icious & a Declumping Tip!

Hi my loves,

This is just a short post for you today. Yesterday when I went to paint my nails in my all time favourite Opi Sparkle-icious, I was devastated to find it had all clumped together. So much so that It just looked awful. I refused to throw it away, so took to google to see if it could be saved. I found a few suggestions but the most popular one was to add a small amount of nail polish remover in the the pot and shake really well, and it actually worked!! The reason nail polishes clump is because the chemicals in them dry out and by adding nail polish remover, this puts back some of the chemicals that have been lost. Cue lovely sparkly nails!

Another suggestion was to buy nail polish thinner, but I guess the nail varnish remover is a cheaper and faster alternative as it's something you've probably already got in the house. I found this really useful, so thought you all might too :)

Have you got any good make up saving tips? I would love to hear them!

Hope your all having a fab weekend!

Lots of love,

Laura xoxo

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Get to know me better: Liebster Award

Hi lovelies!

I hope you're enjoying the week so far! This post isn't what I planned to blog about today, but when I got the message from the lovely Grace from GraceFace. that she had nominated me for the Liebster Award, I was thrilled! I think it's such a good idea to get to know new bloggers and I'm so happy to have been nominated!
"This little award is all about discovering new blogs and helping those with less than 200 followers to get recognised."
& Here are rules:
1. Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.

2. They must also answer the 11 questions the ' tagger ' has set for them.

3. They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.

4. They must then choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers and tag them in their post.

5. These lucky bloggers must then be told.

6. There's no tag backs
11 Things about Me
1. I live near Cardiff, South Wales
2. I have an older sister who's 14 years older than me.
3. I have a cat called Bella. She's so adorable!
4. I have a serious phobia of frogs.
5. When I look in the mirror, one of my eyebrows involuntarily raises up lol
6. I sometimes say the American version of words e.g. closet, elevator, highway!
7. Family is the most important thing to me. 
8. I wish I could play the piano.
9. I'm completely a daddies girl.
10. When I first met my best friend, she could speak any English!
11. I sometimes think I was born in the wrong era.

My Shop :)

Really old photo of me and my besties on our first holiday together!

Grace's Questions

1. What is your favourite food type? My favourite type of food has to be Mexican! I love enchiladas, nachos, fajitas, everything!

2. What is your childhood memory? It's not a single memory, but my favourite memories have to be from Disney World, I went there with my family when I was 10 and it was just amazing!

3. What is your most treasured piece of jewellery? My charm bracelet. It's not your conventional charm bracelet, it's basically made up of random things but each thing means something to me.

4. Who is your girl crush? I have quite a few actually!! I've always love Sarah Michelle Geller because I went through a Buffy phase, back in the day lol But also love Lauren Conrad, she's my style crush.

5. If your fire alarm went off what would be the one material item you would risk grabbing? It would be my Beauty and the Beast musical snow globe my sister bought me when I was little. It sounds silly but I promise you it's so pretty!

6. What is your favourite accent? I like Geordie accents, like Cheryl Cole's. I don't really know why.

7. What one fashion item would you buy if you could afford it? I'm not really one for designer labels, so I'm just gonna say I'd buy the most amazing dress ever, one that wouldn't look out of place on a red carpet, full of crystals, the lot!

8. Where is your dream place to live? Anywhere hot and sunny!

9. What is your favourite hobby? I like crafting. Making jewellery etc. Anything I can really!

10. Who is your favourite beauty 'guru'? This is a difficult one! There are too many to possibly choose just one!

11. Why did you start blogging? I've read my favourite blogs for a few years now, and got really interested in the whole blogging community, so much so that I wanted to be apart of it. I wanted share my thoughts and views on everyday life, and hope people would enjoy and find them interesting! Every blogger I've come across have been so lovely and it's nice to be able to interact with them!

My questions for the nominees!

1. Why did you start blogging?
2. Who's your celebrity crush?
3. If someone was going to make a film of your life, what actress would play you?
4. Favourite make up brand?
5. Favourite food?
6. What's your signature style?
7. Favourite memory?
8. What's your dream holiday destination?
9. If you got stranded on a dessert island, what 3 things would you take with you?
10. If you could be any animal what would it be?
11. Who's your favourite fictional character?

My lovely Nominees :)

Wow! This post has literally taken me sooo long to do! I'm exhausted lol Hope your all enjoying your week, and liked getting to know me a bit more :)


Laura xoxo

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

You're never fully dressed without a smile!

Hi lovelies!!

This post is going to be a bit different from normal. It's basically inspired by how hard and hectic life can be sometimes, and how every now and again, we just need to sit back and remember that we all have things to smile about! I don't know about you, but for some reason I don't like Wednesdays. It's a bit like some people don't like Mondays lol I don't really know why I don't like them, it's just one of those weird things. So, I've put together a few favourite photo's, that always manage to put a smile on my face!

I hope at least one of them made you smile :) All photo's were found via

Hope you all have a lovely day!


Laura xoxo

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Outfit of the day - I Dream of Feathers

Hi my loves!

Just a quick outfit post for you today. As I said in the last post I went to a vintage/craft fair on Sunday and this is what I wore!

I wore a plain navy t-shirt from Topshop and teamed it with this feathered Primark Maxi skirt. I fell in love with this skirt as soon as I saw it! I love the colours and the bright pink belt that comes with it. I think the belt brings out all the colours in the skirt nicely. I wore my all time favourite piece of jewellery with it. It's my enchanted garden ring which I got from Etsy a couple of years ago. It's just sooo pretty!

I'm still getting used to taking outfit photo's. I don't really have a good plain background in my house to take them from, so I might have to figure something out for now!

I'm so pleased with the response I've got from my blog so far and just wanted to thank everyone for stopping by :)


Laura xoxo

Saturday, 28 July 2012

My Hunt to Long Lasting Lip Colour

Hi my loves!!

Hope your all having a lovely weekend! It's been a pretty quiet one for me. I'm still not feeling quite right since being ill yesterday, so I'm taking it easy! My friend asked me earlier 'what is the one piece of makeup you can't live without?' Frankly, going without all my make up would be frightening, but it did get me thinking. For me I could not go with some form of lip stick/gloss. My lips have always been quite dry and they don't have alot of colour to them, so I'm always looking for a lip colour that lasts. I don't want to be applying lip gloss every 10 minutes! The three lip colours I'm going to review today are ones I have on the go at the moment.

First off we have Maybelline Super Stay 10hr Tinted Gloss in Lasting Pink. My first impression is that it applies nicely and dries to feel like you don't have anything on your lips at all. It feels quite natural and looks it too. The Lasting Berry is a darker pink than I normally go for, but it gives the lips a just bitten look (ooer!). I doesn't last 10 hours but is still pretty good in my opinion. Bought for about £7 from boots.

The second lip stain is also from Maybelline and is the Color Sensational in Tender Rose. I actually bought this before the Super Stay Gloss, but was very disappointed with it. The first thing I didn't like was that it's like a felt pen and wasn't nice to apply. I found the colour didn't last very long and just made my lips feel really cracked and dry. I also don't have a picture to show you how this one looks on because the pen dried out after about a week! I don't know if I was just unlucky and had a bad pen, but I wouldn't waste your money on this one! Bought from boots for about £6.

Lastly is my all time favourite lip colour! I can not recommend it more! It's the Collection 2000 Cream Puff in Cotton Candy. I know this isn't exactly a lip stain or tint, but it lasts just as long as any lip stain out there! It goes on really creamy and dries to a soft matt finish. It also smells really nice and sweet, which I think might put some people off, but I love it! Bought from Boots for about £3! Which is an absolute bargain in my books!

Have you got a favourite lip product? What is the one beauty product you couldn't live without? I would love to know!

I'm going to have a stall at a Vintage and Craft Fair in Cardiff tomorrow, so will be taking lots of photo's to do a post on it soon :)

Thanks for stopping by,


Laura xoxo 

Friday, 27 July 2012

Weekend Wishlist #1

Hi lovelies!

I really wanted to do an outfit post today, but I've been ill in bed all day, so it just wasn't possible. Being stuck in bed all day though has lead me to do abit of Internet shopping! I haven't spent yet, but I am very tempted by the above items!

1. Topshop is always my number one go to shop because I know I will always find something I like there! This dress is just so summery. I was instantly drawn to all the colours and I think it would look lovely dressed up or dressed down.

2. I love stacking rings and mix n matching different ones, so this pack of Topshop rings would be great!

3. Yet another Topshop item! I've wanted a rucksack, or an adventure bag as my friend calls them for a while and really like the colour of this one.

4. Saw this Mango bracelet on Asos. You can never have too many bracelets!

5. These Chelsea boots are from and I think they would go with loads!

6. I've wanted these shorts from Lavish Alice for soooo long, so I think it's about time they were mine! lol

I hope you like them too and enjoy the weekend!


Laura xoxo

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Herstyler Baby Curls Review

Hi lovelies!

I thought I'd do a product review on the Herstyler Baby Curls wand for you today! I bought this about a year ago now and use it nearly everyday. I bought it from one of those stands in the middle of a shopping center and paid about £100 for it. Looking back I think I paid too much for it, as I've seen it on sites such as Amazon for much less. You live and learn lol

For years I have tried to achieve what this curling wand does to my hair. I have naturally very straight hair and all I wanted growing up was curly hair. You know the saying, you always want what you haven't got! It's true lol The baby curls wand gives you perfect, smooth ringlet curls. The barrel is 100% ceramic and tourmaline, which the brand believe 'will keep your hair healthy, smooth, shiny and will not burn or dry out your hair like most curlers.' I completely agree! It doesn't leave my hair dry or frizzy like some other curlers I have used.

The only bad thing about this wand is that it does get very hot and you have to be careful not to burn yourself. Not good if you're ever in a hurry! I burnt my neck the other day and had to walk around all day with what look like a love bite on my neck. Not a good look, lets be honest lol It does come with a heat protective glove however to rectify this problem, which I do recommend using even if it's just to begin with. 

This is the only curler that I have used where the curls stay intact until you wash them out! I can even sleep on them and my hair is still curly the next day and it's very low maintenance!

Please note that this isn't a sponsored post, it's just a product I love to use for everyday natural curls and a product I would recommend to others.

I hope I haven't bored anyone with this post and you're all having a lovely week!


Laura xoxo