Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Outfit of the day - I Dream of Feathers

Hi my loves!

Just a quick outfit post for you today. As I said in the last post I went to a vintage/craft fair on Sunday and this is what I wore!

I wore a plain navy t-shirt from Topshop and teamed it with this feathered Primark Maxi skirt. I fell in love with this skirt as soon as I saw it! I love the colours and the bright pink belt that comes with it. I think the belt brings out all the colours in the skirt nicely. I wore my all time favourite piece of jewellery with it. It's my enchanted garden ring which I got from Etsy a couple of years ago. It's just sooo pretty!

I'm still getting used to taking outfit photo's. I don't really have a good plain background in my house to take them from, so I might have to figure something out for now!

I'm so pleased with the response I've got from my blog so far and just wanted to thank everyone for stopping by :)


Laura xoxo

Saturday, 28 July 2012

My Hunt to Long Lasting Lip Colour

Hi my loves!!

Hope your all having a lovely weekend! It's been a pretty quiet one for me. I'm still not feeling quite right since being ill yesterday, so I'm taking it easy! My friend asked me earlier 'what is the one piece of makeup you can't live without?' Frankly, going without all my make up would be frightening, but it did get me thinking. For me I could not go with some form of lip stick/gloss. My lips have always been quite dry and they don't have alot of colour to them, so I'm always looking for a lip colour that lasts. I don't want to be applying lip gloss every 10 minutes! The three lip colours I'm going to review today are ones I have on the go at the moment.

First off we have Maybelline Super Stay 10hr Tinted Gloss in Lasting Pink. My first impression is that it applies nicely and dries to feel like you don't have anything on your lips at all. It feels quite natural and looks it too. The Lasting Berry is a darker pink than I normally go for, but it gives the lips a just bitten look (ooer!). I doesn't last 10 hours but is still pretty good in my opinion. Bought for about £7 from boots.

The second lip stain is also from Maybelline and is the Color Sensational in Tender Rose. I actually bought this before the Super Stay Gloss, but was very disappointed with it. The first thing I didn't like was that it's like a felt pen and wasn't nice to apply. I found the colour didn't last very long and just made my lips feel really cracked and dry. I also don't have a picture to show you how this one looks on because the pen dried out after about a week! I don't know if I was just unlucky and had a bad pen, but I wouldn't waste your money on this one! Bought from boots for about £6.

Lastly is my all time favourite lip colour! I can not recommend it more! It's the Collection 2000 Cream Puff in Cotton Candy. I know this isn't exactly a lip stain or tint, but it lasts just as long as any lip stain out there! It goes on really creamy and dries to a soft matt finish. It also smells really nice and sweet, which I think might put some people off, but I love it! Bought from Boots for about £3! Which is an absolute bargain in my books!

Have you got a favourite lip product? What is the one beauty product you couldn't live without? I would love to know!

I'm going to have a stall at a Vintage and Craft Fair in Cardiff tomorrow, so will be taking lots of photo's to do a post on it soon :)

Thanks for stopping by,


Laura xoxo 

Friday, 27 July 2012

Weekend Wishlist #1

Hi lovelies!

I really wanted to do an outfit post today, but I've been ill in bed all day, so it just wasn't possible. Being stuck in bed all day though has lead me to do abit of Internet shopping! I haven't spent yet, but I am very tempted by the above items!

1. Topshop is always my number one go to shop because I know I will always find something I like there! This dress is just so summery. I was instantly drawn to all the colours and I think it would look lovely dressed up or dressed down.

2. I love stacking rings and mix n matching different ones, so this pack of Topshop rings would be great!

3. Yet another Topshop item! I've wanted a rucksack, or an adventure bag as my friend calls them for a while and really like the colour of this one.

4. Saw this Mango bracelet on Asos. You can never have too many bracelets!

5. These Chelsea boots are from missguided.co.uk and I think they would go with loads!

6. I've wanted these shorts from Lavish Alice for soooo long, so I think it's about time they were mine! lol

I hope you like them too and enjoy the weekend!


Laura xoxo

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Herstyler Baby Curls Review

Hi lovelies!

I thought I'd do a product review on the Herstyler Baby Curls wand for you today! I bought this about a year ago now and use it nearly everyday. I bought it from one of those stands in the middle of a shopping center and paid about £100 for it. Looking back I think I paid too much for it, as I've seen it on sites such as Amazon for much less. You live and learn lol

For years I have tried to achieve what this curling wand does to my hair. I have naturally very straight hair and all I wanted growing up was curly hair. You know the saying, you always want what you haven't got! It's true lol The baby curls wand gives you perfect, smooth ringlet curls. The barrel is 100% ceramic and tourmaline, which the brand believe 'will keep your hair healthy, smooth, shiny and will not burn or dry out your hair like most curlers.' I completely agree! It doesn't leave my hair dry or frizzy like some other curlers I have used.

The only bad thing about this wand is that it does get very hot and you have to be careful not to burn yourself. Not good if you're ever in a hurry! I burnt my neck the other day and had to walk around all day with what look like a love bite on my neck. Not a good look, lets be honest lol It does come with a heat protective glove however to rectify this problem, which I do recommend using even if it's just to begin with. 

This is the only curler that I have used where the curls stay intact until you wash them out! I can even sleep on them and my hair is still curly the next day and it's very low maintenance!

Please note that this isn't a sponsored post, it's just a product I love to use for everyday natural curls and a product I would recommend to others.

I hope I haven't bored anyone with this post and you're all having a lovely week!


Laura xoxo

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Summer has arrived, Weekend update!

Hello cupcakes,

How amazing is this weather?! The sun just makes everything seem so much better! I wish I could say I made the most of the sun over the weekend but sadly, as I work every weekend I had to enjoy it as much as I could yesterday, my only day off!

In the garden with Bella.

I spent most of yesterday with my friend Becky enjoying a picnic in the park and an ice cream on Penarth Pier. It just felt like we were on holidays and was so relaxing! Bliss!


I did manage to go to a car boot sale Sunday morning before work. It always seems like a good idea, until you have to get up really early on a Sunday morning! But once dragged out of bed, it wasn't so bad! I managed to find these lovely teacups for only a pound each!

You have to be patient at car boot sales, but every now and again you find a hidden gem! Last week I found a white ornate cork board, I wasn't sure about the cork background, so I covered the back with old book pages and have used it to display jewellery on in the shop!

I recommend going to a local car boot sale, especially if the weather stays like this! It's nice to have a walk around and you never know what you might find!

Anyways, I hope your all enjoying the sun! Let me know what you're up to and if you've found any treasures in your local car boot sale!


Laura xoxo

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

First Post and Pixlr Photo Editting!

Hi lovelies!

Well, to say I'm excited to be starting this blog is an understatement! I've read my favourite blogs over the past year religiously, so am more than looking forward to experiencing the blogging world for myself!

When trying to decide what to do my first post on, I had so many ideas that I couldn't choose between them! That's until I came across the website I'm going to tell you about.

Those of you who have Iphones and Instagram, you probably wont find this website that exciting lol But for those of you, like me who don't and have been swooning over the photo editing ability instagram gives you, I've found a great alternative!

www.pixlr.com is completely free and allows you to change the colour of your photo, add different affects and borders. If you have the time to use software like this, even by changing the colour can make such a big difference!

I went a bit over the top with the above photo but I was trying to prove a point! lol I was so surprised by the amount of colour and affect options they actually have!

Like I said, this is mainly for those who don't have instagram. I found it really useful, so thought others might too! Btw, in the above picture I'm wearing a Dorothy Perkins spike necklace and Topshop black pleplum top, which will hopefully be featured in an outfit post soon, weather permitting!

Thanks for visiting!

Love Laura xoxo