Wednesday, 18 July 2012

First Post and Pixlr Photo Editting!

Hi lovelies!

Well, to say I'm excited to be starting this blog is an understatement! I've read my favourite blogs over the past year religiously, so am more than looking forward to experiencing the blogging world for myself!

When trying to decide what to do my first post on, I had so many ideas that I couldn't choose between them! That's until I came across the website I'm going to tell you about.

Those of you who have Iphones and Instagram, you probably wont find this website that exciting lol But for those of you, like me who don't and have been swooning over the photo editing ability instagram gives you, I've found a great alternative! is completely free and allows you to change the colour of your photo, add different affects and borders. If you have the time to use software like this, even by changing the colour can make such a big difference!

I went a bit over the top with the above photo but I was trying to prove a point! lol I was so surprised by the amount of colour and affect options they actually have!

Like I said, this is mainly for those who don't have instagram. I found it really useful, so thought others might too! Btw, in the above picture I'm wearing a Dorothy Perkins spike necklace and Topshop black pleplum top, which will hopefully be featured in an outfit post soon, weather permitting!

Thanks for visiting!

Love Laura xoxo

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